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Virtual Meeting
(14:00 – 16:00 UTC+2) | Past event

The ISO Committee on consumer policy (ISO/COPOLCO) is kicking off its annual Plenary week this year with an interactive Forum, "Engaging consumers in our global village" on 4 May. This event will precede COPOLCO’s Plenary meeting on 5-6 May.


Engaging consumers in our global village

Recent events have illustrated the interconnectedness of our world, exposing it for the global village that consumers have long known it to be. Working towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and averting a looming climate crisis are just two examples of global concerns whose solutions start with individual and local choices.  

In order to translate individual consumer aspirations to collective ones, and to channel those aspirations effectively through our consumer networks, COPOLCO needs to adapt continually to meet future challenges. 

Aim of the forum

The Forum will aim to help members and their stakeholders to:

Engage with COPOLCO activities more effectively 

Connect better with consumer interests in their own country,  

Share good practices and ideas to complement preliminary survey conclusions, and 

"Future-proof" COPOLCO by capturing trends and needs in members' countries to take forward for COPOLCO's future actions. 


The event will be virtual, bringing together COPOLCO members and their national delegations, liaison representatives, Policy Development Committee Chairs, and ISO Directors.


The COPOLCO Plenary sparks lively discussion by committee members on topics in standardization that would benefit consumers and civil society.
Being the channel for consumer demand, the Plenary presents an opportunity to focus ideas about consumer policy to meet market needs.

Laurent Charlet
Laurent Charlet
Project Manager, Conformity Assessment