ISO has set an ambitious goal to see international standards used everywhere. They bring certainty, predictability and security to almost every area of our world. But despite the widespread use of standards, they often remain hidden, working modestly behind the scenes to underpin the technology and services that we rely on.

This means that sometimes the contribution made by standards can be hard to quantify. Through producing materials that measure these benefits at both the micro and macro levels, we help businesses, learning institutions and individuals to get the most from standards. To find out more about the advantages that standards bring to both organizations and society, access our case studies that demonstrate the benefits of standards.

Beyond helping people assess whether standardization can bring benefits to their area, it also helps foster a  better understanding by the wider public. Since the development of standards relies on input from consumers and independent experts, reaching out to people with clear information helps build interest in taking part.

Finally, we believe in what we do. We believe that ISO standards benefit everybody, and that in itself is something worth sharing.

Access a wide range of research that demonstrates the benefits of standards

We have extensive materials that are grouped into the following areas:


Our training courses and technical assistance are designed for our members and cover a wide range of subject matters including training about specific standards and standardization sectors, in addition to materials covering the development, dissemination and implementation of International Standards. We also run specific courses for Technical Committee managers and their support staff about the standards development process.

Registered users can log into the members' area for information about the Technical Committee managers' training week and other courses for Standards Developers as well as chairs and convenors.
Education about standards
Materials that support teaching the technological, economic and societal benefits of International Standards.