Shared success is about successfully sharing the best ideas and methods.

That’s why we’ve developed 24375 International Standards which define essential requirements to make products and services that work.

Of course not everything needs to be standardized. International Standards only address shared challenges and the things that matter most.

What matters to you?

What ISO Standards can do for you
Developing sustainably
Find out how ISO Standards define responsible business and help advance the Global Agenda 2030.
Growing my business
Learn how ISO standards help performance and profits whatever the size of your business.
Serving customers everywhere
Discover how services work better with ISO standards.
Feeding the world
Learn how ISO standards underpin the foundations of our most fundamental activity.
Caring about health and safety
Uncover how ISO Standards help doctors treat patients and keep people safe at work, at home, wherever.
Moving from A to B
Take a journey through the ISO standards that keep people and goods moving safely and efficiently.
Accessing my world
Discover how ISO standards help realize people's potential, making the world more inclusive.
Nurturing my family
Discover how ISO standards help keep families safe and make life that much easier for parents and carers.
Protecting our planet
Find out how ISO standards make the most of our shared resources through efficiency and innovation.